Wednesday, 18 February 2009

*Is a Ninja*

Believe it not,.... I have been updating this blog in my mind,....

Ok so the things that I've done or achieved since getting back from Christmas.

- Modeling a 3D room
- Essaying
- 2D environments
- After Effectsy goodness with L@5


modeling has turned out to be quiet fun. I think I tend to learn software and techniques quicker than I tend to gain any form of artistic skill. I really enjoy it in all honesty, and I'm always called upon by fellow students to give them a hand. The only problems I had with the room was LIGHTING, god damn it,.... such a bother. No matter how many times I re-linked Mental Ray, it wasn't gonna render that way, Ray trace shadows? Non exsistent on the copy of Maya I was using quiet obviously. I mean, I think that's the only place I fall down. But I'm looking forward to taking my modeling to the next stage with the Ident project, I've got some great Ideas etc.


you know how Vampires melt in the sun, or cower from crosses...... it's the same with me and Essays. I literally go into hiding so the thing can't find me, I find it really hard to concentrate on the written word at the best of times,.... I'm more of a hands on person. I guess it's just something I lost out on doing a practical course in College, but I never really had to do much essaying that wasn't evalutations of my own work etc. etc. So it's like research and referencing is a killer. I hated it. haha, But I think everyone was pretty much the same from what I heard. Oh well. I can only hope for the best.

2D Environments

The dreaded 2D work, I mean don't get me wrong, it's fun,.... But I don't really thrive there. I guess if I could stylize it my own way I might have done better, but me and Realism = kicking jesus in the balls....... (Not a pretty picture). I think I might give computer 2D design a go,.... I hate looking at my work on paper. (Except for the greatest concept known to man..... ZIRRA, More on that later.)

AE goodness with L@5

LIVE AT 5 possibly the worlds most fantastic brief, admittedly, it was pretty easy, and Jess ran the day we did very well. I was pretty impressed, although I didn't work on the Live at 5 stuff directly I was set to do work for the world tonight, for a Masters broadcast student. Then helping out on other things, the whole idea of having a deadline was much easier to work with than I had first expected and the day went very well, although broadcasting seemed a hell of alot less organised than ourselves, which was quiet awe inspiring in its own right. All in all i think our whole group did an amazing job and we finished all of our work way before the requested time.

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