Monday, 8 December 2008

Thomas 21:37

It's been a while since I blogged,.... for this I apologize.

Ok so my topics for today.

Life Drawing - I thought I'd start on something I normally lose out on in all honesty, I feel no better than when I started at drawing fast and decently, But Cathy's a really good tutor, no matter how intensely nervous I feel when she stands over me, she's always got constructive criticism, which is amazing, George has also told me to get and read "Drawing on the right side of the brain" which I'm hoping will help me out, I've requested it for Chrimbo. I don't think I really concentrate too well when I'm around alot of people drawing, I prefer to do it on my own, when I can listen to my music and just zone out and focus totally on my drawing, yet in saying that, My ability to draw a human-esque figure still leaves alot to be desired, but Cathy say's she's seen an improvement in me, and I refuse to give up. Always attend,..... even if I do so ever so slightly suck at it.

2D Animation - When I first started I LOVED 2D animation, now,.... I'm starting to loathe that which I once loved,..... well not loathe as such, but it just feels such a chore in comparison to 3D animation, Saying that, I've always been a fan of Flash,.. and seeing andy do a small demo on flash a few weeks ago really got me psyked, I'd love to do 2D flash animation, I understand that we're just getting principles down, but the amount of time and effort you put into each drawing,... and everytime you screw up you have to go back and do it all again,...... It hurts, haha mentally. Here are my last two walks, they aren't amazing, but I do get the principles,... it's just getting them to work with my horrific drawing skills.

My Spazzy Pimp, every time i tried to shoot this the camera was doing some wierd movey thing, I tried every trick in the book to stop it, switching it on and off, moving the zoom, everything, but it was still tripping out, so I took the animation as it was,.... It's a Spazzy Pimp.

This is the one done with the help of my terrible recorded walk, It's got a little Jerk at the end, but I guess I could tween that out with a bit of drawing panache!

3D Animation - LOVE IT! for everyone that says Maya sucks,... they are strongly mistaken, haha, I love messing around with Maya, although we're scratching the surface, it's so nicely set out to do everything animation wise, pretty simply, I know that the size of this program is intense and we're nowhere near a scratch yet, but I love applying the principles in the 3D software. Georg is teaching us in a way I think is probably the best I've seen animation taught, to be taught to animate before rigging, modelling etc, has helped understand the main principles before even setting off to do too much in the way of grandure.

I'm admittedly remembering almost everything Georg teaches, which is great, I like being able to help everyone out when they get stuck on it, it's just a shame no-one helps me on the 2D haha.

Theory - Still having fun with it, it's been a bit bland the past two weeks for the presentations and just looking forward to getting back into it after christmas.

Tom's Magical Spare Time - I've been pretty good recently, Doing drawing (ok so not exactly life drawing, but i've been drawing) and messing around in Photoshop, Looking forward to getting back into some audio work,..... Just can't seem to find it in myself to go and ask the techies yet, so it's gonna be a new years resolouton to get my ass back into pro-tools and envelop their studio. That's about all I have of relevance, so peace out and I shall leave you with a terrible Photograph of a portrait I drew. (Up top if you didn't see :P)

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Holl* said...

Oh! Nevermind! I'll 'help you on 2D, ha ha!', aha!

and, YES, MAYA rocks. I might even consider putting it on a t-shirt