Friday, 15 May 2009

The Legacy of Dave


So,.... haven't blogged in a while, and To be honest I felt bad for a while for having done nothing, but what with the new group project, I've found myself doing more than expected.

The Hayle project, I'm not gonna lie, when I heard the breif,.... I was close to hanging myself, it sounded so horrifically boring, and I think a lot of people felt the same way, thus I've spoken to a few people who just aren't motivated with it. Anyway, after hearing the brief I went away with the same idea I usually do "whoever asks first" that night I recieved a Text from Emma and thus my group was formed. Myself, Emma Taylor, Matt Butler and Matt Luxton (For the Time being).

We started out and Emma said she wished to take the Director and Producer jobs herself, which to be honest was fine by me, at the time I was working and felt that if I took that amount of responsibility on the project I'd end up not being able to support my team.

We established then which clip we were going to do, all of us were content with the decission of the "Bombing of the Gassworks", so that was pretty easy all in all. Then we assembled the group into our roles.

Emma - Pre Production
Matt B & Matt L - Production
Myself - Post Production

This was Ideal for me, and I figured I'd help out with the production before all the compositing happened.

So we got down to it, a lot of the pre production time was spent testing modelling, and I thought during this time I'd have a lot of time to test the effects we'd be using, I was wrong, I ended up doing a lot of the concept work, I didn't mind too much, But I'm horrific at pre pro, my artistic skills suck on paper. But here are a few of the ideas I threw down and around and are now being used in the main feature.This was the initial Idea I started with, taking from the front cover of Biffy Clyro's Infinity Land album, I drew up the guy with the gas mask, I love this piece of art. The Elongated face and style was something I wished to convey in our work. The original Peice looks something like this.

So taking from this art style & incorperating a bit of the "Jack Skellington" character from Nightmare Before Christmas I started to come up with some Character concepts.These all started out, we were looking at creating a youngish looking character but with crooked features and a kind of gangliness to him, thus when we animated him his whole mannerism would convey what we were trying to portray.

(My Blogger has stopped allowing me to upload pictures, so I shall upload more as soon as possible)

I'm currently working on getting the right look in after effects and creating a worthy sound scape for the peice.

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