Thursday, 21 May 2009


Ok so. My Problems at the moment along with the goings on of the group project.

Problem 1.
The other day, some smart arse AKA ME! accidently spilt orange Juice all over my Mac, thus disintergrating the hard drive, & from there on in, disallowing my mac to find the operating system on it, upon further inspection and taking apart the damn thing, (through blood sweat and turmoil, litterally,.... I cut my finger open on a casing) I've come to the conclusion I need a new hard drive, costing around 70 - 80 pounds and then to buy Mac OSX Leopard costing around the same amount, Yipee.

Problem 2.
I haven't got this money expendable at the moment..... Should have thought about cherishing the Job a bit more,... but screw it, I'm happier this way by far.

Problem 3. All my Sound Engineering stuff was rigged to my Mac, and my PC's sound card is fudged, So I'll have to look into fixing that, Which is ever so tempting to decapitate my last internet life line just like that,. But alas, this computer means to much to me at the moment to go destroying it. Even if it continues to do Physical memory dumps at the most inconvienient of times. I wish I'd never been as stupid as to keep a drink near my mac, Mac's do not require as much attention as PC's to make them run at their best..... Or at least I find, I built my PC and Love it, it can do everything I request of it, and I thank Stu for all the rad bits and Peices he gave to me, but god damnit I miss the sound from my laptop.

Problem 4. No Mac, No Decent Soundscape for film, we have no access to Pro-tools suites yet....... ANDY? GEORG? O:) And It's my only way to work on sound, I despise lesser peices of Audio Editing software, because I'm stuck up like that. *turns his nose up at Audition*

Okay Problems aside.

I took over as Producer on the Group drama from Emma, as much as I disliked doing this to her, I felt it needed to be done, and I think other group members felt the same, Apart from Jonnie. Taking the leadership role I've managed to get a steady influx of work coming in consistantly, and I'm already pretty damn proud of everyone working on everything, Matt Luxton has been a god on the whole project and today we finally saw some fruits for our work, of which I may post up tomorrow after a few more editing sessions seeing as I have finally come about being able to do some compositing and post production. Matt has done the majority of the modelling and has tweaked bits and peices to make sure they all fit in with the theme and look consistent for example, both me and Jonnie made Busses, the one Jonnie made ended up being a bit too hard to use in the scene so mine was used and Matt just changed a few textures to fit the mould, This has been so with a few things along the way, such as the lighthouse etc, and Lighting in certain scenes. I am currently compositing and adding the adjustment layers in After Effects. And messing around with other Ideas seeing as we seem to have a lot of time to play with, Our Idea has been very Simple,.. but I feel it will come to fruition and look very good.

Peace out Hombres, I'm off to attack these computers a little more. And maybe sleep.......

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