Thursday, 22 October 2009

The 2nd Year and My (s)Lacking.

Georg's Face Model
OK So, I thought I would attend Georg's Advanced Maya classes, cause to be fair, I understand the software and I love messing around on computers, I started out with the Face model really enjoying it. It was really good fun for a while, and then the re-starts happened. I started over because my Polygon count was far too much and the way I had modelled it was horrific. So I went back a few steps to basics via my incremental saves. Again and again I looked at my face and began to resent the complications my own face began to pose, not only that but it's hard to concentrate on something that sometimes makes you repulsed and then you have to figure it's on your own head. haha. Well, OK, maybe not repulsed by it. But it's not as good as looking at a face that you actually find interesting.
I have done Topology before, but in 3DsMax, I had also tried over the holiday, but Georg revealed a very simple and very effect way of going about it which suited my style very much so.
I don't think Modelling is my Forte to be fair. My artistic side lays within music and writing, and modelling seems very architectural or sculpture based. Especially being in the house with Matt Luxton and Simon Acty, both of whom are brilliant at this kind of thing, It's kinda down heartening to not get it as quickly.
My Aim I guess is just to go on and understand the software a bit better, even though I find modelling monotonous, to get a bit better at it.

Cathy's Convocation Project
Now everyone know's me and Cathy's lessons are normally a massive accident waiting to happen, But I am giving it my all this year. Admittedly turning up to the Life drawing classes are like Death to me, seeing everyone else in there and all of them being like,.... really good. I guess this is because they're all well trained before, or very naturally gifted. But I have felt I've gotten better.
Georg being there has helped quiet a bit, cause even though his Drawings seem better than mine, It gives me a bit of confidence to know someone who's actually done some good in the industry, draws a lot like myself. I think I could put in a lot more effort if I didn't feel like I was the upmost rubbish person in the class. (I'll upload some of my efforts when I can get to a Scanner)
But back to the Convocation drawing thing. To be honest, it's a really good project, and I want to put more time into it. I really do. I've just had a lot of personal things on my plate recently and getting back into a correct state of mind is killing me, and I know that I'm no good being like this, I guess I should just emerse myself in things I really want to do. I'll get my Drawing face on later on today.

The Dee Conundrum - Walk Cycles and Box Lifts
Ok so this,... not so bad, getting back into the Animation side of things is nice. Using the Dee rig in Maya to accomplish a Walk Cycle to start with to get everything back into our system. And it truely has been EVERYTHING. I even Animated in 48fps by accident. Without time to change I went to Dope sheet and messed everything up. Oh god, I just don't want to talk about it anymore haha, the Lift WILL be better, I will spend as much time as possible on it.
But recently, I've felt like I've wanted to get more "hands on", So I'm thinking about getting myself not only into the music studio, but maybe throwing myself into some stop motion, and mine and Jakes Experimental project is going to get a lot of attention.

The Experimental animation I am SO down with! I can't wait to get this under way. Me and Jake Jones have decided to work together on this one. Both of us coming up with Ideas and having a massive laugh along the way. Our aim is to do Pixelation of the human body infront of a white/blue/green screen (yet to be decided) and then composite cut out animation in the foreground and background. Our subject is Dream and Silhouette, So we'll just wait and see how this pans out! I'll let you know.

My Musings of late.


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