Monday, 1 June 2009

RAWRRRRRR! That's how a Dinosaur would say "Yeah, I did it"

We Did It!


to say it was a success would be too early to tell. To be honest, I'm sick of it already. I mean I think we got across what we aimed to do, But I can honestly say, I wasn't a fan of the project to start with, and hearing that same story over and over and over again, while you work with that same image, over and over again. It's nice and refreshing to have it all done.

I think in all honesty, It was a massive success and I was proud of my group and their efforts, especially Matt L who pulled most of the project together. It was also nice to see how the majority of our skills complimented each others and we came out with something, again quiet simple but effective.

The most annoying part for me, was losing the use of my Macintosh, and thus losing the use of pro-tools. I tried using Adobe Audition on the last couple of days. But it's such a neandertillic piece of software in comparisson to Pro-tools.

So What did I do.
- Took on Producer Role halfway through.
- Character Concepts
- Character Design
- Initial Environment Design
- Character Animation (Wave and Facial animation)
- Re-Modelled the Bus.
- Composited the scenes
- Colour corrected the whole thing
- Final Renders and Compression.
- Adding what little sound there was.

Thanks to My team for being great to work with and Congratulations on getting it done again, as if the Pizza wasn't enough! haha. Tx

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