Thursday, 9 October 2008

Everthing Can Change In A Day.

You see everything in a new light when you learn new things.

Litterally, I've not really come from a pencil to paper kind of artistic place, So there I am in a life drawing class, Steph sat next to me wacking out some beautiful stuff, Jess on the other side the same, and me doodling little black cats on the side to make me feel better. Life over the past 2 days has kicked me in all kinds of ways, but relative to todays life drawing class, it's literally gonna be really hard for me to find confidence in my drawings to be able to achieve what everyone else seems to already have. I can convey what I see in life through art, but for people to be able to assess that would mean them having to think like me,... and that's nye on impossible.

I never did any Art courses or classes in school, my last art class was in year 9 and i was like 15/16 then, i think,...... i never took anything after that, and i've always just doodled Anime art and little bits and bobs here and there, it feels really hard to draw from life when my heads some cluttered with immense things that i just want to get out there. I'm finding it hard to concentrate in that with what's happened personally recently, but the course and it's tutors are amazing, and i think most people understand what i've been going through that i've spoken too,... it's proving not too big a deal to me, but it's wierd that i can't take from life as easily as i could from my own mind. I guess that's something i'll really have to set down and work on.

Much Love

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