Friday, 17 October 2008

Frijj Milkshake with Cookie Crisp. Genius.

So This week,.... I've finished my three little 2d Animations and Uploaded them here for all of thee, done a few 3D Ball rolling and bouncing animations for our good friend Georg, and failed miserably at life drawing...... I think at the moment that's my only Downfall. I'm so used to drawing from imagination, it makes no sense how to draw a real life person. Sounds stupid, but it's literally tearing me apart not being able to do this, so my weekend will be spent practicing,...... It's doing it quickly that's the killer. There's no time to stop and rub out or anything, I just can't percieve the complexities of a human form as quickly as others I don't think. Ah well,... let's hope practice can make somewhere near perfect.

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Andy Wyatt said...

This is looking great and it will a great resource in the future. Remember to ask yourself questions, so for example upload some work and ask what you would do to make it better the next time, what went well and what didn't go so well. Your say life drawing is your weakest area, but why? Can you see any connections between what Kathy is doing with you and your animation practice?