Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Finer Things In Life.

Falmouth University. Digital Animation. Possibly the most eye opening course to the mind of the childish EVER!

Monday's Lesson, Learning the History of Animation, Eye opening in the sense that when you look at something, you see what you see, you never break it down into its formal shapes, colours and what those things would mean on their own, everything has a concept in our mind that we make for ourselves or are taught as we grow up. Which essentially drives you to a place in the head that's slightly deeper than the summer time and "Damnit Work again,..... Smile and Pretend you're happy with a menial life."

Digital Animation, Definately where I belong.

Today (Tuesday) The morning with Georg going over Maya, it seems alot more simple than max, yet i've lost alot of my ability even in that due to being out of practice,.... 2D animation. Funtastic man, definately a chance to show something about yourself and your creativity and what you make from a Circle. Really love the fact that I even managed to put a little something into my own animation that reflected the way my mind works, with the use of the Comicy planet and Space Ship. Loved it! Still do.

That's About it. Peace and Love to all ye Animation Interested People who May be reading this for academic reason or just for giggles!

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Royzy said...

Was interesting to see Maya in action after using Max myself too before now.

Seems a shame to be using a different program to Max, but if it is easier in the long run...then fair game.