Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Ones that got left behind.

It's been a while since I blogged, and for this I'm sorry.

The past couple of weeks have been fun, learning all the animation principles is way better than just sitting there and animating something that resembles a robotic nothing that shows no life like characteristics what-soever. So I'll recap for my own use. So far we have.....

 - Squash and Stretch
 - Timing
 - Anticipation
 - Overlap (Or something else, but that's how I remember it best.)

We also did a bit on body language, which was really cool with Andy in 2D, and then we did a 2 character act. Which in all honesty everyone else seemed to be making epics with like 90 sheets or something,.... mine,..... 20,.... but I was happy with it, it all seemed to work quiet well, and I think all my principles were somewhat involved.

Georg's lessons are really cool as well, I've kinda got ahead of myself what with not going to Bradford,.... Although that fact sucks major league balls, I'm a poor destitute monkey boy and I figure that I may as well do something productive with the week I have free. I love Maya though, Don't care what anyone says it's by far a better package than Max haha,..... It's just implementing the animation principles in Maya are alot harder than when you put pencil to paper! Next we're doing walking which I've already given a thought and a play with, although I got quiet confused as to how to put anticipation into a walk, but upon talking to Georg I figured that as human beings, we don't really animate our walks at all, to animate them we have to go to an extremity of walking, the anticipation of a walk comes within the first movement.

Anyway, In other news...... I still detest life drawing.

Peace out G's

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